Tracey Jackson

Senior Lawyer

Ms. Tracey Jackson has been a leading family law litigator in Vancouver for over thirty years. Over almost twenty years ago, Ms. Jackson received, and has since maintained the honourable “Distinguished” lawyer rating by Martindale-Hubbell, arguably the most pre-eminent peer-reviewed lawyer rating service in North America. In addition, she is recommended as a leading family lawyer by Doyle’s Guide. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UBC (1987), a Bachelor of Laws degree from McGill University (1992) as well as a Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto (1994). Ms. Jackson articled in family law and has been practising exclusively in the field of family law since 1995. She regularly appears in the BC Supreme Court, the BC Court of Appeal and on occasion, in the BC Provincial Court.

When Ms. Jackson says, “I was put on this planet to practise family law”, she means it. Her personal experience, her own family history, and her strength of character coupled with her keen sense of commitment to her clients put her in a unique position amongst family lawyers. She went to law school knowing that she would practise family law. As a mother of two young adults and a wife for over 30 years, Ms. Jackson understands the complexities, emotional bonds, and hurdles of being a parent. And, as the child of divorce herself, with step-siblings, step-parents, and half-siblings, Ms. Jackson also appreciates the feelings and challenges that children of divorce experience. Ms. Jackson’s past and present experiences, as well as her lengthy educational background make her the ideal family law lawyer. She can truly understand her clients’ problems, both legally and personally, making her a better advocate for her clients.

Ms. Jackson prides herself on developing specific legal strategies that are tailor-made for each of her clients. Ms. Jackson’s perspective is that only with a full appreciation of her clients’ circumstances will she be able to reach the most effective resolution of their dispute. Although she is most comfortable in the courtroom, Ms. Jackson understands that it may not be the best forum for every case; arbitration, mediation or negotiation may be the most effective option for dispute resolution. While Ms. Jackson settles at least 90% of her cases without proceeding to trial, she does so with strength and purpose, and most importantly, with favourable results for her clients.

Ms. Jackson represents a wide variety of clients with a vast array of legal problems. She is well-versed in and has a particular affinity for complex asset division for high net-worth clients. She has represented clients where the asset division has exceeded $500M as well as clients whose net worth is nominal. Having navigated several clients through multiple, complicated corporate re-organizations during their divorces, Ms. Jackson has developed an excellent understanding of the corporate, tax, trust and securities issues that often arise when a couple is separating. She has an exceptional team of trusted business valuators, chartered accountants and tax specialists who assist her clients in arriving at a fair and proper division of assets with consideration of the tax implications. She represents an equal number of men and women, providing both genders with the strong and clear legal advice they need to navigate through their difficult legal problems. She represents individuals in married, common-law or same-sex relationships and understands the unique legal and societal issues in each relationship. She also represents grandparents and other interested parties such as corporations that might have a stake in the outcome of a particular family lawsuit. For clients looking for a true advocate who will provide exceptional legal representation, Ms. Jackson is the family lawyer of choice.

In addition to running her busy family law firm, Ms. Jackson has been actively involved in the legal community outside of the courtroom as well. She has been a regular contributor to various legal publications and manuals during her legal career, written numerous papers for presentations at Continuing Legal Education courses, spoken at a myriad of CLE courses, and taught as a sessional lecturer at UBC in the Faculty of Law. Local and national newspapers, television and radio often consult Ms. Jackson for commentary and insight on current family law topics and cases. For two years, Ms. Jackson hosted a weekly call-in radio show on CKNW called “Judgment Calls” during which she would feature a guest lawyer or judge to answer questions from listeners on a different legal topic each week. Ms. Jackson has been a member of the Canadian Bar Association, family law subsection, since 1995. Her main areas of practice include divorce, complex asset division, custody, guardianship, shared parenting, relocation, child support, spousal support, pension division, and restraining orders.