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Exclusive family law expertise in Vancouver, guiding clients to resolution with comprehensive legal support.

Boutique Family Law Firm

At Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet & Associates, we practise exclusively in the area of family law. That means that we provide advice about your legal rights in your relationship with your spouse from the beginning to the end.

How We Help Our Clients

At Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet & Associates, we practise all areas of family law.


Often, it is far better to resolve a dispute in mediation.  At Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet and Associates, we identify which cases are best suited for resolution by mediation.


Arbitration offers a swift alternative for resolution, guided by seasoned professionals at Dunnaway, Jackson, Ouellet & Associates. Resembling court proceedings, it ensures expedited decisions, providing closure when negotiation stalls.


We are not afraid to take a strong stance when it serves our client’s interests.  When appropriate, we will apply for orders that will protect our client’s rights or advance their case.